Preferred Group Rates for Trash Collection

Kurt Nelson suggested that the SCLA Board could negotiate a better price for trash collection and recycling if we if we approached local service providers and offered them a preferred provider status in return for better pricing. Waste Connections offered us the best deal. Transition to the new price schedule will be automatic for existing Waste Connections customers. Waste Connections currently provides trash service to over 600 Sunset Canyon households of which over 300 also recycle. The new quarterly rates are as follows and include the 8.25% sales tax:


Trash only $68.20

Trash and recycling $81.19

Extra trash container $10.83

Extra recycling container $4.33


The new rates will be effective when the contract is signed. The target date is February 1, 2019.  Current customers who have prepaid beyond February 1st will have their remaining payment adjusted to the new rate structure and receive a credit in the next billing cycle.


Each trash day a total of two additional boxes, bags, or bundles weighing no more than 40 pounds each will be collected when placed by the trash container on the street. Christmas trees will be collected if bundled into 4 foot lengths. There is no additional charge for this service.


If you are not already a Waste Connections customer, you can sign up by calling

512-282-3508. You can schedule the start of your new service when your paid in advance service with your current provider is up. The first billing with waste connections may be prorated so that all households are on the same 3 month billing cycle. Service will be paid for in advance.


On an annual basis, the rates may be adjusted based on a CPI index and a Diesel Fuel index. Rate increases are limited to 5% and 3%respectively.


There will be an annual free curbside bulk trash pickup the second Saturday each May. The total volume at each household should not exceed 4 cubic yards. The annual pick up date will be announced in the preceding Canyon Call and on the SCLA website and will be for Waste Connections customers only.  Additional bulk curbside pickups can be purchased and scheduled by calling 512-282-3508.


Trash collection will be every Thursday and recycle collection will be every other Thursday.   If you have a large amount of recycles an additional container can be ordered at the nominal price listed above.  If New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas Day is on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, collection will be on Friday.


If there are complaints with service you can call Waste Connections at 512-282-3508 or contact them by email at If there are significant problems please notify the SCLA Board.


Once the contract is signed additional information will be posted here including a pickup schedule.


SCLA -Waste Management Service Area Map
Map of streets that are part of the SCLA-Waste Connections Fee Arrangement
Waste Conn Map_12-13.pdf
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