Volunteers In Patrol (VIP) Program

New Citizen Patrol Is Launched – Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Constable Ron Hood of Precinct 4 in Hays County wants to keep crime out of his very fast growing jurisdiction by encouraging all the communities to consider instituting the volunteer based program to discourage criminals from targeting the area. “When would be criminals are scoping out a neighborhood and they see patrol cars with flashing lights and official signage driving around, they quickly realize that this is not the place to set up shop and move on to easier pickings” says Constable Hood. He adds, “Sunset Canyon will be a model for others to follow.”


“It’s all about neighbors helping neighbors to keep our community safe” says Paul Wiljanen, a resident of Sunset Canyon, and “Captain” of the community patrol. So far, sixteen residents have applied to be a patrollerand our target is to have twenty trained by year end. “What a great showing of support from the neighborhood. When everyone does their fair share and contributes a little, the neighborhood benefits a lot!” says Mr. Wiljanen. “It’s also a great way to meet your neighbors” he added.


Sunset Canyon residents are asked to volunteer their time to patrol or make a minimum donation of $10 to help cover operational and vehicle setup expenses. Patrols are non-confrontational and act only as the eyes and ears of law enforcement by identifying suspicious activities or dangerous situations. Patrols are trained to observe, recognize, and report incidents by calling 911 for the handling of any situation. “99% of the patrol’s impact is the criminal seeing us… 1% is us seeing them. Patrolling in marked vehicles sends a clear message that Sunset Canyon is aware, alert, and will not tolerate criminal activity” says Deputy Constable Graham.


To make a donation, send it to Sunset Canyon Landowner’s Association, PO Box 588, Dripping Springs, TX 78620, or for more information, please email Paul Wiljanen at atlargeE@sunsetcanyon.org.



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