Accomplishments & Membership Benefits

  • Worked with LCRA to bring county water to Sunset Canyon
  • Provides architectural reviews for new home and remodeling projects
  • Works with local and state agencies for infrastructure issues and needs
  • Provides National Night Out initiatives and neighborhood gatherings
  • Maintains all Sunset Canyon entrances and lighting
  • Creates and distributes the Canyon Call newsletter
  • Creates and maintains Sunset Canyon community Website
  • Sponsors Sunset Canyon community events for adults and children
  • Warmly welcomes new residents with community information packets and gifts
  • Provides realtors and potential residents with community documentation


Thank you to all the volunteers that work hard to make things happen!

You can join by clicking on the membership form selection on the left.


Association Dues

Sunset Canyon lots fall under two different deed restrictions:

Nassour Lots

  • Mandatory dues per deed restrictions
  • $35 per year
  • Must be enforced by the SCLA

Non-Nassour Lots

  • Voluntary dues per deed restrictions
  • $35 per year
  • Join the SCLA here

The Association needs every one of our residents' support to help maintain Sunset Canyon as a wonderful place to live. $35 per year is a bargain.


Past-Due Nassour Lot Membership Dues

  • Owners can request a list of all unpaid-dues/fines/liens etc. here.
  • Homeowners behind in their dues can get help here.

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