Board of Directors, Committee Members and Points of Contact


To pose issues, questions or concerns to the ENTIRE board, send email to:


President | Steve Gallun 512-970-4763 (m)


Vice President | Randy Foster 512-923-6339 (m)


Secretary |  Becky Gallun


Treasurer | Joan Thomas 512-632-5118 (m)


Infrastructure | Gary Hale 512-858-5637 (h)


Welcome Committee | Sandy Hale 512-858-5637(h)


Database Management | Joan Thomas 512-632-5118 (m)


Architectural Control/Plan Review | Larry Miller


Website | Peggy Grambo 512-970-0695 (m)


Board At Large A | Peggy Grambo 512-970-0695 (m)


Board At Large B | Sara Wigfield 760-889-4212


Board At Large C| Sandy Hale 512-858-5637 (h)


Board At Large D | Lynnn Dawson 512-858-0961 (h)


Board At Large E | Paul Wiljanen 734-645-6614 (m)


Newsletter | Peggy Grambo 512-970-0695 (m)


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Address mail to:
P.O. Box 588
Dripping Springs, TX 78620
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