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Our neighborhood of 700+ single-family homes is well-placed

between Dripping Springs and Austin, just off US Hwy 290.

Nestled amongst oaks, creeks and limestone bluffs, it truly

is the gateway to the Hill Country.

The Dripping Springs area is renowned for friendly residents,

excellent schools, gorgeous scenery, ranching, artisans and award-winning wineries, micro-breweries and distilleries.

What better introduction to the Texas Hill Country.

Headwaters Access to Oak Meadow Dr

As of June, 2018 the representatives from Sunset Canyon have been working with the DS City Council, the HW Developer and Pct 4 Commissioner on the Road Connectivity Agreement.  There are more details in the upcoming Jun 2018 Sunset Canyon Call Newsletter.  In brief - the parties have significant areas of disagreement.  You can email  (the SCLA reps) at omhwconnector@sunsetcanyon.org or Kindal Baker (Community rep for non-SCLA members) at thetexastaits@gmail.com with comments and concerns.


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Update as of August 10, 2018


Immediate Action Required!
Time is running out to influence what happens to traffic in our neighborhood. The city is currently working on a Roadway Agreement regarding connecting Oak Meadow Drive cul-de-sac to Headwaters.
We need you to contact city and county officials to lodge your opposition to the connection if that is how you feel.
The Roadway Committee representatives for Sunset Canyon, Kindal and the SCLA member, Paul have sent a request to the city Deputy Administrator, Ginger Faught, and Matt Matthews with Headwaters regarding the August 3rd notice letter, (see posted image of letter), and we have been reassured by the City's Deputy Admiistrator Ginger Faught that this Phase 4 section one does not include a connection to Sunset Canyon. These maps and documents are available for review at City Hall and their approval for this is August 25th.
Kindal and Paul have also sent requests regarding the follow up document draft and next Roadway Committee meeting and are awaiting the city's response.
Ray Whisenant, County Commissioner ray.whisenant@co.hays.tx.us
Ginger Faught, City of DS Deputy Administrator, gfaught@CityofDrippingSprings.com
Paul Wiljanen, Sunset Canyon Landowners Association, paulwilj99@gmail.com
Kindal Tait, Sunset Canyon Resident, thetexastaits@gmail.com


As of July 19, 2018:


Would you care if
car and truck traffic increases 300%
in front of your home?


YOU can help prevent it.
Please email your concerns TODAY to:
 Ray Whisenant County Commissioner ray.whisenant@co.hays.tx.us
 Ginger Faught Deputy Administrator, City of DS gfaught@CityofDrippingSprings.com
 Paul Wiljanen Sunset Canyon Landowners Association paulwilj99@gmail.com
 Kindal Tait Sunset Canyon thetexastaits@gmail.com
The next meeting of the Road Committee (representatives from the city, county, Headwaters, and Sunset Canyon) is imminent. Current plans are to put an Emergency Access Only Gate (EAOG) at the end of Oak Meadow Dr. in Sunset Canyon where there will be a road connection to the 1000 homes in the Headwaters development.
There will be discussions about what could trigger the permanent opening of the EAOG in the future. If it is ever opened to allow full public access, personal and commercial vehicle traffic flow would skyrocket on our forty year old streets. You and your family’s personal safety and property would be at risk because of narrow roads and no sidewalks or streetlights. Please email your opposition to permanently opening the gate NOW.
Thank you in advance for your immediate ATTENTION and ACTION
to help keep our neighborhood SAFE.

Will be ‘emergency access only’ for now as approved by the DS City Council Mar 13, 2018

Road Options - Second Amendment
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Adobe Acrobat document [11.5 MB]
Headwaters Preliminary Road Layout.pdf
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Headwaters TIA (August 2014) (2016_02_03[...]
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